watch ticks loudly

Watch Ticks Loudly (Do this first)

A watch that ticks too loudly can be a major annoyance, especially in quiet environments. The sound can be distracting and disrupt conversations, meetings, and even sleep.

In this article, we’ll explore the reasons why a watch may tick loudly and what you can do to fix it.

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Reasons why a watch may tick loudly:

Several factors can contribute to a watch ticking loudly. Mechanical movements, especially those with larger balance wheels, tend to produce louder sounds. Poor lubrication, loose components, or worn-out parts can also increase the ticking noise.

Additionally, factors like the case material and construction, crystal type, and the age and condition of the watch can influence the audibility of the ticking sound.

How a watch’s case and crystal can affect the ticking sound:

The materials and design of a watch’s case and crystal play a role in the ticking sound. A thicker or denser case material can help dampen the noise, while a solid caseback can block some of the sound transmission. Crystal type also matters, as sapphire crystals tend to transmit more sound than mineral glass. These factors can affect the overall audibility of the ticking sound.

How the age and condition of the watch can affect the ticking sound:

As a watch ages, wear and tear can lead to increased friction and louder ticking sounds. Accumulated dirt or dryness in the movement can also contribute to the noise. Furthermore, component degradation over time can affect functionality and result in louder ticking. Regular servicing, cleaning, lubrication, and component replacement when necessary can help maintain optimal performance and reduce the ticking sound.

Steps to take to reduce the ticking sound of a watch:

To decrease the ticking sound, professional servicing and lubrication are recommended to address any underlying issues. Upgrading to a watch with a solid caseback or a crystal material that absorbs sound, such as mineral glass, can also help.

Changing the strap or bracelet to a different material may minimize the noise transmission. Taking these steps can help reduce the audibility of the ticking sound and enhance the overall watch-wearing experience.

When a loud ticking sound may indicate a problem with the watch:

While some watches naturally have louder ticking sounds, an unusually loud or irregular ticking could be a sign of a problem. If the ticking suddenly becomes significantly louder or changes in rhythm, it may indicate loose components, damage, or malfunction within the movement.

In such cases, it is advisable to have the watch examined and repaired by a qualified watchmaker to address any potential issues and restore optimal functionality.


In conclusion, a watch that ticks loudly can be an annoyance to the wearer and those around them. The cause of a loud ticking sound can vary, but it is often due to a loose component or a worn-out movement.

To address this issue, it is recommended to have the watch inspected by a professional and potentially have the movement replaced.