what happens if i break my Apple Watch

What Happens if I Break My Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch has become a popular accessory for many people around the world. It’s a versatile device that offers a variety of features, such as fitness tracking, messaging, phone calls, and more. However, like any other device, accidents can happen, and you may end up breaking your Apple Watch

Whether it falls off your wrist, you accidentally drop it, or it gets damaged due to water exposure, it’s essential to know what your options are in such a situation. In this blog post, we will discuss what happens if you break your Apple Watch and what you can do to fix it.

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Apple’s repair options for broken watches:

When it comes to repairing a broken Apple Watch, there are a few options available. The first option is to take the watch to an Apple Store or an authorized service provider. They have trained technicians who can assess the issue and provide repair services using genuine Apple parts.

Another option is to utilize Apple’s mail-in service, where you can send your watch to Apple for repair. This option is convenient for those who don’t have an Apple Store nearby. Additionally, Apple offers support through their online resources, such as troubleshooting guides and customer support.

How much it costs to repair a broken Apple Watch:

The cost of repairing a broken Apple Watch can vary depending on the model and the extent of the damage. Apple provides a range of repair services, including screen repairs, battery replacements, and other component repairs.

The cost will also depend on whether the watch is under warranty or if you have AppleCare+ coverage. To get an accurate estimate, it’s recommended to visit Apple’s support website or contact their customer support directly.

Third-party repair options for Apple Watches:

In addition to Apple’s official repair services, there are third-party repair options available for Apple Watches. These include independent repair shops or online repair services. It’s important to note that getting your Apple Watch repaired by a third-party may void any existing warranty or AppleCare+ coverage.

However, third-party repair options can sometimes be more cost-effective, especially for out-of-warranty repairs or minor issues. It’s crucial to research and choose a reputable repair service that has experience working with Apple products.

Tips to avoid breaking your Apple Watch in the future:

To prevent future damage to your Apple Watch, there are a few tips to keep in mind. Firstly, consider investing in a protective case or screen protector to shield your watch from scratches or accidental bumps. Remove your watch before engaging in activities that may put it at risk, such as intense workouts or water-related activities if your model is not water-resistant.

Regularly clean your watch and avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals or extreme temperatures. Lastly, it’s essential to handle your Apple Watch with care and follow Apple’s guidelines for usage and maintenance.


Breaking your Apple Watch can be frustrating, but there are several options available for repair or replacement. Apple provides a range of repair options, including both in-warranty and out-of-warranty services, and there are also third-party repair options available.

If you’re unsure about the extent of the damage or the repair options available, it’s best to consult with an authorized Apple service provider.

However, you can also take steps to avoid breaking your Apple Watch in the future, such as investing in a protective case or taking care when using it around water. Remember that accidents happen, but with the right knowledge and preparation, you can keep your Apple Watch in good condition for years to come.

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